Break down
Big Goals
into Small Tasks

What do you want to achieve?

Visualize success with Boards

Easily accomplish goals in a fun way with friends, family, or solo

Drag & Drop
Move Cards and Lists around instantly with your mouse or finger.

Live Sync
Stays up to date across all devices & collaborators, instantly.

Notification Emails
Digest emails outline recent activity made by others.

No Limits
Organize to your heart's content with unlimited Boards.

Remember everything with Notes

Jot down ideas, make outlines, write stories, or keep a journal


Live Updating
Boards update live as each person makes changes. Always in sync, everywhere.

Let others view your Boards and Notes or give them Edit acccess to work together.

Share with the world! Make your Boards and Notes accessible to the web so anyone can see it.

Track Changes
Get notified of changes in digest notification emails, your Dashboard, and alert icons next to posts.

Complete Menu Customization

Drag & drop items and categories. Apply colored labels.

Favorited and recently accessed items are listed on the dashboard when you log in for quick access.

Supercharge with Premium

Client-side Encryption

Encrypt notes on your device using a passphrase for maximum security & privacy.

Revision History

View or roll back to any save you ever made (even before you had Pro!) for any note.

Text Messaging

Use text messaging (SMS) to update or read from your notes.

Synchronized between every device

Works on any desktop, mobile phone, laptop, or tablet.

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