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Take Notes

Take notes, make grocery or todo lists, remember important stuff.


Manage multiple notes on-screen in Boards & organize in categories.


Let others view or edit your notes by creating a sharing link.

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Taking notes is easy, fast, and intuitive

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Rich or Plaintext
Easily style & format your notes at the click of a button or choose text only

Organize notes in nestable cagegories fast with drag-n-drop

View & edit multiple notes on-screen with boards

SMS Support
Append to or view notes via text messaging for super fast notes

Share with one or multiple friends to view or edit

Client-side Encryption
Encrypt notes in your browser for utmost security with AES256

Style note titles
Make note titles bold or italic in the note list so they stand out

Mobile Support
Works great on the go with mobile support

Mobile Friendly
Take notes anywhere on your mobile device or tablet

Quickly find notes by searching their title and/or content

Built-in support for easy printing of notes

Export Notes
No lock-in. Easily download a zip file containing all your notes

Words are Important

We make remembering them easy

Use Cases

Jot Down Thoughts

Quickly write down thoughts and ideas that pop into your mind so you don't forget them. From home improvements ideas to todo lists to ideas for your next novel.

Grocery Lists

Add items to your grocery list throughout the week so you know what to grab next time you're at the store. Share your grocery list with your family or roommates so everyone can easily add things they need picked up.

Pet Health History

Keep an organized list of dates and ailments, shots, suspicious changes or treatments for your pet so you can have a complete history to reference. This is a great way to have a detailed timeline of events.

Dear Diary

Journal your life's day-to-day story. Express your emotions and treasure experiences that you can look back on in the years to come.

Gym Progress

Keep track of your physical activity so you can track progress over time. Track exercises, reps, sets, weight, or anything else you like. Stay motivated by seeing how far you've come!

Track Favorites

Keep track of which foods you've tried and liked at various restaurants or the grocery store, favorite TV shows, movies, books, songs, and more.

Additional Capabilities


Boards allow you to place multiple notes on-screen at the same time. Each note in a board can be resized to any size you like and dragged and dropped where you like. This is a great way to view your most used notes or notes related to each other.


Easily share notes with others by creating a sharing link. A share-specific URL will be generated and provided to you. Each link created is configured to allow either View or Edit access. You can then send this sharing link to the person you want to share access with to grant them the specified access to the note.

Text Messaging (SMS)

By validating your cellphone number you may enable texting for a note and append to a note simple by sending a text message to a certain telephone number. This allows for easy additions to note on-the-go. For instance you may want to simply send a text to quickly add items to your grocery list. Cellphone provider texting charges may apply.

Rich Text Editor

  • Headers
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Strikethrough
  • Bullet Lists
  • Numbered Lists
  • Indenting
  • Alignment
  • Tables
  • Links
  • Horizontal Lines

"It's easy and awesome!"

Scott Brown, Entrepreneur

Deposit your thoughts into Typity and take a load off your mind. Keep your thoughts organized and easily accessible with features such as nested categories, drag-and-drop organization, and multiple dashboards for viewing & editing sets of notes all at once. Our goal is to make organizing your life simpler.