About Typity


Small origins, Big future

Typity launched back in 2009 to fulfill the need for a powerful yet simple to use solution for taking notes and organizing life for our founder and his friends. Existing solutions were overly complicated and lacked the features they all wanted. The best solution was to create a new tool from scratch for them to use. As Typity evolved it grew from one guy working on it for fun to a full team of experts developing a tool used by many.

A team of Experts

Over time Typity grew in many ways: features, users, and staff. Our team consists of experts in web application development, Software and Computer Engineers, user interface design experts, and knowledgeable internet security gurus. Prior to Typity our lead developer and lead of support developed and supported a mission-critical software installed on over one million systems -- that takes experts with extensive knowledge!

Made in Oklahoma

The AngryPancakes team is primarily based in Oklahoma in the United States and led by its original founder. Our team has a passion for building tools to help others with their lives and have expanded to create other useful tools beyond Typity over the years.


The makers of Typity also created FastCurb, a curbside ordering and pickup solution for small retailers. Specifically created to replace call-in ordering in a simple way, FastCurb enables retailers to begin offering curbside pickup without the major overhead of an online inventory system.